Amendment of an existing licence

The EPA may amend a licence or revised licence to:-

  1. correct any clerical error,
  2. allow the doing of anything under the condition of a licence that may reasonably be regarded as having been contemplated under the terms of the condition or licence as a whole but not specifically stipulated in that condition, or
  3. otherwise enable the operation of the licence once the amendment doesn’t contravene Section 83(5) of the EPA Act 1992 including:

ensuring emissions comply with environmental standards and do not cause significant environmental pollution;

BAT shall be applied to reduce/prevent emissions; and

waste production shall be prevented/minimised, and its recovery/disposal carried out in a manner to prevent any impact on the environment etc. 

Guidance for licensees on requests for alterations.

Amendments that likely cannot be accommodated by Technical Amendment (Waste and Industrial Waste Licences)