How to Transfer a licence

If a licensee decides to transfer their licence to another person, the licensee and the proposed transferee jointly apply to the Agency for a transfer. Please note that a transfer of a licence takes a minimum of 4 weeks to process after receipt of a completed application.

Note for Proposed Transferees

The proposed transferee must register on the EPA online system (EDEN) in advance of completing the online Licence Transfer Application. 

Guidance on the Licence Transfer Application Process

The licensee and proposed transferee should read this guidance in detail and collate the relevant information prior to completing the 'Licence Transfer Application Web-form'.

To assist you in completing the web form you can also view screenshots of the Licence Transfer Application Web-form layout.

Video Guidance

The EPA has developed a series of three guidance videos to assist you in completing the 'Licence Transfer Application Web-form'.

Guidance videos on 'Licence transfer application web-form' videos