Mapping the environment

All aspects of the Environmental Protection Agency’s work relates to a location, whether it is an overall environmental assessment of the whole country for national reports or a smaller scale study of the local environment to help assess a new IPPC licensing application. Digital maps play a very important role in helping the EPA to assess the environment and track changes that occur over time.

In the EPA, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is the term used to include all of the EPA's digital map data and the specialised software used to view these maps. The EPA has a small team of GIS experts who develop and enhance GIS datasets, and develop and support web mapping services.

Web mapping systems

EPA staff can view digital maps using web mapping technology deployed over the EPA intranet. This ensures that our scientists and licensing inspectors have access to GIS data they need to support their work.

To make the GIS data accessible to everyone, the EPA has developed a number of public online mapping viewers. You can access these from the EPA Maps tab at the top right corner of this webpage or by going directly to the EPA Geoportal at and selecting the Browse a Map link.

GIS data

The EPA has a policy of making the GIS data that we develop available, free of charge, to all groups and organisations in GIS format.

You can download this data from the EPA Geoportal in ESRI shapefile format.

GIS data available include:

  • Water Quality data relating to rivers, lakes, groundwater and estuarine and coastal water
  • Register of hydrometric stations
  • National soils and subsoils data (developed by the Spatial Analysis Group of Teagasc in collaboration with the EPA, Geological Survey of Ireland, Forest Service and Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government)
  • Corine Landcover data series developed in collaboration with the European Environment Agency (Corine land cover data can also be downloaded from the Downloads section of this website).
  • Historic Mines Inventory Datasets.
  • Licensed IPPC, Waste and Waste Water Treatment facilities.