Local Waste Prevention

Everyone can take practical actions which are circular economy actions. If you prevent food waste, if you refill a reusable bottle, if you repair your phone in favour of buying a new one, if you recycle waste, then you are contributing to the circular economy. Supporting local waste prevention and circular economy activity is a priority for the EPA.

What is the EPA doing to support Local Waste Prevention?

The EPA Circular Economy Programme is sponsoring a Special Award in the annual Tidy Towns competition for 2022. This award is to recognise communities that have undertaken activities that support a circular economy. You can read more about the award and application requirements within the entry forms available to download here.

Local Authority Prevention Network logo

The Circular Economy Programme’s Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) supports local waste prevention. In this network, which began in 2009, the EPA provides technical support and grant-aid funding to local authorities to deliver waste prevention and circular economy projects at a local level for the benefit of their communities – householders, businesses, schools. Through the network, knowledge and skills are shared. Lessons are learned through the development of innovative prevention projects. Several LAPN projects have grown from local to national level over the years, including www.repairmystuff.ie

What is the local authority prevention network?

The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) has been running since 2009 and all local authorities in Ireland are involved. The EPA provides grant aid funding for innovative waste prevention projects, also provides technical support and training and networking opportunities. The objective is to build capacity and expertise within local authorities to deliver waste prevention and circular economy activities at local level.

Innovative projects that support repair initiatives, prevent waste (e.g. food waste, hazardous waste), that prevent consumption of single use items, that green festivals and events, that deliver paint reuse initiatives in communities are all examples of the types of projects funded over the years.
Below is a list of the projects funded in 2021.


Table 1: Local authority prevention network Reuse and Repair projects
THEME:  Reuse and Repair
No.Local AuthorityRegionProjectDescription
1 Carlow Southern   Ah Camán     reuse & repair

Campaign to collect donated hurleys and carry out repairs where needed.

Video with hurley repair business on the maintenance and repair of hurls.

2 Cork County & Cork City Southern Revive Paint

Building on the 2020 LAPN project which resulted in the creation of two circular economy paint reuse enterprises in West Cork and Cork City with “Revive Paint” branding.

Assist social enterprises to develop sustainable paint businesses by boosting sales through advertising, promotion and awareness raising.

3 Donegal Connacht-Ulster Repair My Stuff

Supporting www.repairmystuff.ie by identifying local repair organisations and registering them on the website.

 Raising awareness locally of the online repair directory service including trade magazines, radio and print media.

4  Kilkenny Southern Reuse & Recycle

Supporting five reuse/repair projects:

  • musical instruments
  • bicycles
  • development of a reuse hub at Dunmore recycling centre
  • hurl amnesty and repair and
  • working with Tidy Towns to ensure local repairers are identified and registered on www.repairmystuff.ie.
5 Monaghan Connacht-Ulster Carrickmacross Toy Library

Supporting Carrickmacross Toy Library, the first toy library in the country, through promotion and sourcing toys for reuse.

6 Wicklow Eastern-Midlands Repair & Recycle

Fostering a culture of bike repair through maintenance workshops and raising awareness of bike repair options.

Developing recycling centres as waste prevention hubs.


Table 2: Local authority prevention network Reduction of single use items
THEME: Reduction of single use items
No.Local AuthorityRegionProjectDescription
7 Cavan Connacht-Ulster Installation of school water fonts Drinking water fonts in secondary schools
8 Donegal Connacht-Ulster Installation of school water fonts Drinking water fonts in secondary schools
9 Galway City Connacht- Ulster

Ditch the Disposables Coffee Cup Campaign

Coffee Cup Deposit Scheme in Galway City
10 Galway County Connacht-Ulster Installation of school water fonts Drinking water fonts in secondary schools
11 Laois Eastern-Midlands Installation of water font Outdoor drinking water font on Laois Blueway
12 Limerick City & County Southern Installation of water font

Outdoor drinking water fonts in Limerick City & County

13 Monaghan Connacht-Ulster Installation of water fonts

Outdoor drinking water fonts in Monaghan

14 Waterford City & County Southern

Installation of water fonts

 Green Your Picnic 2022

Outdoor drinking water fonts at blue flag beaches

 A Green Your Picnic Campaign

15 Wexford  Southern 

Installation of water fonts

 Green Your Picnic 2022 

Outdoor drinking water fonts at blue flag beaches

A Green Your Picnic Campaign 


Table 3: Local authority prevention network Waste Prevention projects
No.Local AuthorityRegion
Dublin City and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

Eastern-Midlands Circular Economy Training for Businesses MODOS (circular economy business training) roll out in Dublin City & Dun Laoghaire Rathdown
17 Galway City Connacht-Ulster Sustainable Business Communities

Galway’s West End Sustainable Business Communities Initiative

18 Wicklow Eastern-Midlands Wicklow Naturally Goes Circular Webinar to introduce circular economy principles to network of businesses in food production and hospitality sectors