About the study

The Climate Change in the Irish Mind (CCIM) project is designed to analyse the attitudes and behaviours of Irish people towards climate change. Conducted in partnership with Yale University’s ‘Programme on Climate Change Communications’ (YPCCC)', the CCIM is carried out as a nationally representative survey every two years.
The first wave of the CCIM dataset is now publicly available for download. This data has been used as a basis to formulate the following reports and outputs:

•    Climate Change in the Irish Mind (2021)
•    Climate Change’s Four Irelands (2022)
•    Climate Opinion Maps

Open Dataset download and information

The CCIM wave 1 open dataset is available in SPSS (.sav) and in Comma Separated Value (.csv) formats for non-commercial purposes only. To apply for access to the data, please fill out the following form with the requested details. Once the form is signed & completed, a copy of the dataset will be sent via email. The form is available by clicking the link below.

Climate Change in the Irish Mind open data request form.

A link to the dataset will be sent via email following successful completion of the form.
Climate Change in the Irish Mind © 2021 by Irish Environmental Protection Agency is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International
Use of the dataset in future publications will require citation of the dataset and associated creators

Climate Change in the Irish Mind wave 1 data dictionary

The CCIM Wave 1 dataset can also be supplemented by the associated data dictionary. This supporting document contains a dictionary and provides associated supporting information to the CCIM. The data dictionary contains the following information:

  • An explanation of steps taken to minimize GDPR risks and associated redaction of a small number of variables.
  • Metadata section detailing information about the CCIM study and other supporting information relevant to the data.
  • A full comprehensive data dictionary detailing various data types and corresponding explanations of said data.
  • In depth variable information and descriptions of each code.

Download the data dictionary.


A list of popular FAQs associated with the Climate Change in the Irish Mind study and open dataset.

  • What data has been collected for wave 1 of this study?

    Participants were asked a number of baseline questions including gender, age, ethnicity etc. Participants were also asked to respond to a number of climate related questions and statements, which formulated the findings of the CCIM report. For an in depth explanation of the survey wording & questions asked, please visit the following link: Survey Question Wording

    Sensitive variables that comprised < 2% of the sample size were adjusted in order to protect participants. These variables included gender identity, religion, ethnicity etc. This was done by removing direct identifiers and aggregating categories

  • When and how was this data collected?

    The fieldwork for CCIM Wave 1 was conducted during 24th May to 29th July 2021 via telephone interviews. Data was collected from a total of 4,000 respondents.

  • What is the Climate Change in the Irish Mind study?

    The ‘Climate Change in the Irish Mind’ project is a baseline study of the Irish people’s beliefs, attitudes, policy preferences and behaviours regarding climate change. Wave 1 consists of two reports; the ‘Climate Change in the Irish Mind report’. This was followed by a segmentation report in 2022 titled ‘Climate Changes’ Four Irelands’.