A list of popular Questions and associated Answers on the Climate Change in the Irish Mind study and open dataset.

  • What data has been collected for wave 1 of this study?

    Participants were asked a number of baseline questions including gender, age, ethnicity etc. Participants were also asked to respond to a number of climate related questions and statements, which formulated the findings of the CCIM report. For an in depth explanation of the survey wording & questions asked, please visit the following link: Survey Question Wording

    Sensitive variables that comprised < 2% of the sample size were adjusted in order to protect participants. These variables included gender identity, religion, ethnicity etc. This was done by removing direct identifiers and aggregating categories

  • When and how was this data collected?

    The fieldwork for CCIM Wave 1 was conducted during 24th May to 29th July 2021 via telephone interviews. Data was collected from a total of 4,000 respondents.

  • What is the Climate Change in the Irish Mind study?

    The ‘Climate Change in the Irish Mind’ project is a baseline study of the Irish people’s beliefs, attitudes, policy preferences and behaviours regarding climate change. Wave 1 consists of two reports; the ‘Climate Change in the Irish Mind report’. This was followed by a segmentation report in 2022 titled ‘Climate Changes’ Four Irelands’.