Climate Opinion Maps

The EPA Climate Change in the Irish Mind Climate Opinion Maps, produced in partnership with the Yale Programme on Climate Communication show how climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support vary at the county and regional levels. The maps are based on the Climate Change in the Irish Mind study (CCIM), a nationally representative survey collected from May through July of 2021. The maps should be interpreted alongside the 2021 CCIM report as well as the 2022 Climate Change’s Four Irelands report. Further information on the study may be found in the About section.

Explore the maps by clicking on your county or region and compare the results across questions and with other geographic areas. Beneath each map is bar charts displaying the results for every question at whichever geographic scale is currently selected. See the Methodology page for more information about uncertainty estimates. Also, see the Survey Question Wording page to see how responses were compiled.

For further details about these maps or what they mean, please see our Frequently Asked Questions