What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is generated by all sectors of Irish society, from large industry, healthcare to small businesses, households and farms.  It is for the most part managed by a professional hazardous waste industry and is treated appropriately and in accordance with legal requirements.  Large quantities of hazardous waste are generated, and there is scope to reduce this generation of waste through waste prevention programmes. Around half of Irish hazardous waste is exported for treatment. For more on hazardous waste statistics click here.

National Hazardous Waste Management Plan 

The Environmental Protection Agency has a statutory responsibility under the Waste Management Act 1996 to prepare National Hazardous Waste Management Plans. The purpose of the Plan is to protect the environment and human health in Ireland through best-practice management of hazardous wastes. The current plan has twenty recommendations to achieve five key objectives. The plan also provides context on hazardous waste flows in Ireland, the key issues regarding hazardous waste prevention, collection and treatment, and the current policy and legislative environment. Work on implementation of the recommendations is ongoing with the lead organisations.

The plan and associated environmental reports are available for download: 

Previous National Hazardous Waste Management Plan Outputs

Download Report on National Difficult Waste Facility - Technical & Economic Aspects of developing a National Difficult Waste Facility. (incorporating hazardous waste landfill)

Download Report on Economic Study of Solvent Treatment aimed at improving self sufficiency in treatment


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