2018 EPA-Irish Research Council Scholarship awards

The EPA, in partnership with the Irish Research Council (IRC) provides funding annually for scholarshipsThis page lists the 2018 EPA-Irish Research Council Scholarship awards.

Lead OrganisationApplicantProject Title
University College Dublin (UCD) Katherine Burns Brilliant Bees: The importance of managed and wild pollinators to Irish natural capital
National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) Michelle Larkin Informing monitoring and conservation of pollinator natural capital in species-rich grasslands
University College Dublin (UCD) Veronica Farrugia Drakard Maximising macroalgal diversity and ecosystem function on coastal infrastructure - an eco-engineering approach
Dublin City University (DCU) María Victoria Gómez Márquez Stories for Sustainability in the Semi-peripheries of the World System: Online Audio-visual Media Influence on Young People's Attitudes in Ireland and Uruguay
University College Cork (UCC) Irene O'Callaghan Macroinvertebrates as a novel biomonitor for nanoparticles in freshwater systems
University College Dublin (UCD) Ann-Marie Kelly Climate change impacts on the water quality and functioning of Irish rivers in a multi-stressor environment