2021 EPA-Irish Research Council Scholarship awards

The EPA, in partnership with the Irish Research Council (IRC) provides funding annually for scholarships. This page lists the 2021 EPA-Irish Research Council Scholarship awards.

Lead Organisation Applicant Project Title
Maynooth University (MU) Laure de Tymowski Whose environment, whose city? A critical assessment of environmental justice in South Dublin
Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) Jerry Hourihane Clancy Monitoring And Modelling of Biological Aerosols (MAMBA)
University College Cork (UCC) Emma Galloway Emissions from Animal-Based Fertilizers and their Impact on the Environment and Human Health
National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) Aoife Crowe Minding the gap: Determining the ecology of the declining and understudied longhorn beetle family (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)
University College Cork (UCC) Diarmuid Moynihan SPectroscopic Investigation of the Climatic Effects of Ultraviolet-absorbing Particles (SPICE-UP): a method-development and field-observation study
University College Cork (UCC) Jarni Braal Innovative sensitive detection of atmospheric trace gas isotopologues
University College Cork (UCC) Sean Ritchie Atmospheric carbon capture using hybrid PSA and membrane system