CRCG Annual Reports of Activities

The EPA is responsible for coordinating Climate Research in Ireland and has set up the Climate Research Coordination Group in 2014. Action 14 of the 2019 Climate Action Plan (CAP) requires that the CRCG provides an annual report on its activities. The annual reports present a summary of investments, progress on strategic goals, and related developments, as well as the CRCG’s activities. The annual reports cover competitive research funding committed by members of the CRCG, leveraged funding from EU schemes, and core research activities carried out by CRCG members themselves.

Download the Fourth Report of Activities 2021 (Published September 2022)



Download the Third Report of Activities 2020 (Published July 2021)

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Download the Second Report of Activities 2019 (Published June 2020)


Download the First Report of Activities 2017/2018 (Published June 2019)