Latest Climate Change reports

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Climate Change – Inverse Modelling Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ireland

ERTDI Report 35 – Jennings et al., May 2006

Year: 2006

An analysis of the Mace Head atmospheric record to provide a synthesis estimate of the fluxes of CO2, CH4 and N2O for Ireland over the period 1995–2000.The proposed atmospheric method is entirely independent of statistical inventories, and therefore constitutes a unique ‘top–down’ verification of Irish greenhouse gas emissions inventories.

Climate Change: Development of Emission Factors for the Irish Cattle Herd

ERTDI Report 46 - Special Report - O'Mara, January 2006

Year: 2006

Emission factors for methane from enteric fermentation and manure management were developed for the categories of the Irish cattle herd for which data on animal numbers are available from the Central Statistics Office.

Climate Change: Land Use, Land-Use Change and Carbon Stocks

ERTDI Report 47 - Tomlinson, January 2006

Year: 2006

Estimates of baseline inventories of carbon stocks in vegetation (biomass) and in soils. It is essential to know the carbon stores and fluxes (emissions to or fixation from the atmosphere) of land-cover types and land-cover/soil combinations so that policy may be directed.

Climate Change: Regional Climate Model Predictions for Ireland

ERTDI Report 36 - Mc Grath et al., May 2005

Year: 2005

An analysis of future Irish climate conditions for 2021–2060, based on outputs from a new regional climate modelling facility in Met Éireann

Climate Change Indicators For Ireland

ERTDI Report 2 - Sweeney et al., May 2002

Year: 2002

Research assessing a very wide range of potential indicators of climate change, and establishing several potentially valuable data sources which satisfy or partially satisfy the requirements that a good indicator should have.