Get a Radon Test: EPA - Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland

Registered Radon Testing Services

This list of registered radon measurement services is published by the Environmental Protection Agency to provide information to members of the public and employers. The EPA does not warrant the services being provided by any registered contractor.

Registered Radon Measurement Service Website Email Mobile/ FreePhone Landline
All Clear Radon


051 349642
Alpha Radon 086-8470449 066-9150900
Radon Aware Group

086-2331116 065-6848991
Radon Ireland

086-2720107 021-7334880


Listed services have met the relevant criteria required to become a Registered Radon Testing Service.

More details about the requirements of this scheme are available in the Registration Form and Guidelines.  Listed services have also agreed to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's Radon in Air Measurement Protocol.

What's involved in a radon test?

When you place an order for a radon measurement, two radon detectors will be sent to you by post - one for your main living room and one for your main bedroom.

In order to get an accurate measure of the long-term radon concentration in your home or workplace, the detectors should be placed in the rooms upon receipt, or within 7 days, and left in place for 3 months before being posted back to the service provider for analysis.

Post - remediation radon measurements for homes only may be obtained through the EPA. Please contact us at or on 1800 300 600 for further information.

Further information on carrying out a radon test in your home/school or wokplace can be found in the relevant sections on