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Apply and pay for a radon test

When you place an order for a radon measurement, two radon detectors will be sent to you by post - one for your main living room and one for your main bedroom.

In order to get an accurate measure of the long-term radon concentration in your home, the detectors should be placed in the rooms upon receipt, or within 7 days, and left in place for 3 months.

In normal circumstances detectors are issued within 10 working days. However, during busy periods, this may take longer. Therefore please allow 28 days for delivery.

The cost of a radon measurement for your home is €56.90 (inc VAT @ 23%). The cost for a workplace depends on the number of detectors required.  If you have any queries about measuring radon please call our radon free phone number: 1800 300 600.

For information purposes only, we provide contact details for other radon measurement companies who will measure your home or workplace for radon.

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we will send a text message when it is time to return your detectors
Is this your first measurement, or have you had other measurements before? Please contact the EPA Radon Measurement Service directly as you may be entitled to a free post-remediation measurement
We recommend that for most types of home two radon detectors should be used – one in the main living room and one in the main bedroom.
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