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Registered Radon Testing Services

This list of registered radon measurement services is published by the Environmental Protection Agency to provide information to members of the public. 

Registered Radon Measurement Service Website Email Mobile/ FreePhone Landline
All Clear Radon


Alpha Radon 086-8470449 066-9150900
Environmental Protection Agency See below for online form. This service will close from 31st October 2018. See note below. 1800-300600 01-2680100
Radon Aware Group

086-2331116 065-6848991
Radon Ireland

086-2720107 021-7334880


From the 31st October 2018, the EPA will no longer provide a commercial radon measurement service. That is from 31st October 2018 the EPA will no longer sell radon detectors however we will process detectors sold up to that date and will continue to do this until the 1st August 2019 when our laboratory will close. Radon measurements can be obtained from those registered services listed above.

Listed services have:

  1. Provided evidence of successful proficiency testing
  2. Provided evidence of current tax compliance and
  3. Provided evidence of appropriate public and employers liability insurance

More details about the requirements of this scheme are available in the Registration Form and Guidelines.  Listed services have also agreed to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's Radon in Air Measurement Protocol.

When you place an order for a radon measurement, two radon detectors will be sent to you by post - one for your main living room and one for your main bedroom.

In order to get an accurate measure of the long-term radon concentration in your home, the detectors should be placed in the rooms upon receipt, or within 7 days, and left in place for 3 months.



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we will send a text message when it is time to return your detectors
Is this your first measurement, or have you had other measurements before? Please contact the EPA Radon Measurement Service directly as you may be entitled to a free post-remediation measurement
We recommend that for most types of home two radon detectors should be used – one in the main living room and one in the main bedroom.
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