Carbon Calculators

A Carbon Calculator is a programme that calculates your Carbon Footprint. It calculates based on the amount of carbon dioxide produced by activity. Any individual or group can get their carbon footprint. 

The calculator plugs the requested information into a computer programme. This information is then calculated as a carbon footprint. Information can include how we travel, heat our homes, dispose of our waste, etc. 

Knowing the carbon footprint of your home or workplace makes it much easier to get involved in reducing that footprint. Before using a carbon calculator, take a few minutes to compile the information you might need. This ensures that the calculation you get will be correct. 

To calculate a carbon footprint, questions are asked related to the following: 

  • Household/workplace 
  • Transport 
  • Lifestyle 


In the household/workplace the energy bill is where you will find the information you need to input. This is where your energy provider tells you your carbon emissions, i.e., the amount of CO2 produced by the premises. Your energy provider website will show you specifically how to read your bill. 


This section relates to fuel consumption per year. Namely, the type and estimated amount of fuel used per year. To find information regarding fuel consumption check the Registration Certificate for your vehicle. You can also check your vehicle’s logbook or your motor tax information.


This section relates to waste: the amount of it, the type it is, what bins you use, etc. Your waste disposal company provides you with a bill, usually monthly, and this will show you how much in kilograms (kg) that you are throwing away.  

Using the various coloured bins correctly is an ongoing challenge. Your bin provider will be able to guide you as to what goes where. Please visit the website of your bin provider for more information.  

Which one?

Choosing the right carbon calculator for you will depend on your needs and what you want it to tell you. For example, how much carbon does it take to heat your home or factory, what the emissions are from your car, or how much waste you are generating?  


For useful advice and guidance to help you lower your carbon footprint as an individual, please see the following:  


The business user of the calculator will be interested in growing their business and lowering their costs. While also increasing their green credentials and contributing towards lowering greenhouse emissions nationally. 

The EPA offer a range of services and guidance to businesses on reducing energy while maintaining productivity. For more information, please visit the following:  

Further information

CPD Disclosure Insight Action: Platform for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information.

UN Carbon Offset Platform: Provides information on Carbon Offsets. 

EPA Stop Food Waste: Provides advice on how to reduce food waste. 

For more climate related resources, please visit ‘Climate Change & You’ section of the EPA website.

Take action on climate change: Provides advice on how you can take climate action as an individual