European Reporting

Various European Directives and Regulations have obligations with regard to Member States' reporting on waste statistics, whether it is waste generation, waste treatment, waste treatment capacity or to indicate compliance with diversion, collection or recovery/recycling targets.

Key EU reporting obligations fall under the Waste Statistics Regulation, Waste Framework Directive, Landfill Directive, Waste Shipments Regulation and the Producer Responsibility Initiative Directives (packaging, end-of-life vehicles, waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries & accumulators). Each piece of legislation has its own reporting deadlines and rules and calculation methods for reporting on whether targets have been met.

The EPA’s National Waste Statistics webpages provide the latest information available on waste generation and management in Ireland. Eurostat publish waste data to their Environmental Data Centre on Waste.

Landfill operators are required to report to the EPA quarterly on the quantity of municipal solid waste and biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) accepted at the landfill for disposal. These waste data are used to track and report Ireland’s progress to meet the targets for BMW diversion from landfill under the Landfill Directive. See BMW reporting for more information.

There are also obligations on certain sites (including EPA licensed sites) covered by the Pollutant Release and Transfer Regulation to report on waste transfers from their sites on an annual basis. See PRTR for more information.

The National Transfrontier Shipment Office at Dublin City Council is the national competent authority for the imports and exports of waste. NTFSO is responsible for reporting obligations under the Waste Shipments Regulation. See NTFSO for more information.