Postgraduate Programmes

In addition to project based awards, we also fund postgraduate research fellowships and doctoral scholarships.

Research Fellowships

The EPA research fellowship scheme is open to researchers with a doctoral degree or equivalent research experience in a relevant discipline.

Fellowships are awarded to third level institutions for research projects of particular interest to the EPA in the field of environmental science, and related fields of environmental economics and social and legal studies related to the environment.

Refer to the EPA Funding Section for information on fellowships calls currently being advertised.
If you have a query related to Research Fellowships please contact

Doctoral Scholarships

Over the course of the current research programme (2014-2020) the EPA, in partnership with the Irish Research Council (IRC) Government of Ireland Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme will provide funding annually for scholarships in the three pillar areas of Climate, Water and Sustainability.

The total value of the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, and all strategic funding partner scholarships, will be up to a maximum of €24,000 in any approved year.

These calls are announced on both the EPA and IRC websites in November/December and offers are made to successful candidates in June of the following year.

The EPA has provided funding to approximately 150 scholarships over the past 14 years.

You can view the abstracts of the scholarships which have been completed.