Water Joint Programming Initiative

Water challenges cannot be successfully tackled through the isolated effort of individual national research and innovation programmes.

A significant share (more than 70%) of public spending in water research and technology development is programmed, executed and evaluated at national level.

This EU initiative aims at developing a coordinated and strategic approach to public national and regional research and innovation funding in Europe.  Since November 2014, the Water JPI has been coordinated by France (Agency Nationale de la Recherche) and co-chaired by Ireland (EPA), supported by Spain and Italy.

More information is available at Water JPI EU

Funding Opportunities:

Open Calls – WaterWorks2015

The Water and FACCE JPIs joint call on Water and Agriculture Challenges is now officially launched.  You can find all the related information on the call page of the Water JPI website.

A total of 25 funders from 22 countries are involved in this joint action.  Please note, the closing date for pre-proposals is 19/04/2016.

The EPA on behalf of the EPA and DAFM are pariticipating into the call (budget: €0.55m).

Irish researchers can participate in this call (Challenge 2 only).  To view the condition of participations for Irish Researchers into the call please refer to the National/Regional Regulations document.

To facilitate networking and collaboration between applicants, the Water JPI has set up a Discussion Forum on Linkedin, the Water JPI - Researchers Forum.

Important: Please let us know if you are thinking of applying and encourage your potential partners to contact their relevant national contact point (as listed in the call documentation).

2015 Joint Call – WaterWorks2014

Under the Water JPI WaterWorks2014 cofunded call proposals for multi-national, collaborative research, development and innovation projects were invited on the topic: Research and Innovation for Developing Technological Solutions and Services:

More Information available here

Results of the  Water JPI 2015 Joint Call (WaterWorks2014) on Water Treatment :

Following the evaluation of the proposals submitted under the 2015 Water JPI Joint Call on Water Treatment, 16 proposals were recommended for funding.

Irish researchers are participating in one of these proposals (PROGNOS proposal: Predicting in-lake responses to change using near real time models) in collaboration with researcher from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Israel. Well done to Elvira de Eyto (Marine Institute) & Eleanor Jennings (Dundalk IT).  A summary of the proposed project is below for your information:

Lakes and reservoirs represent important resources that are critical for ensuring European water security. Many are under continuous pressure from urbanization and agricultural intensification, and from changes in climate, including increases in the occurrence of extreme events. These pressures can reduce water quality through, for example, the occurrence of nuisance algal blooms or higher levels of dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and therefore increase the costs for water treatment. Increasingly, automated high frequency (HF) water quality monitoring systems are being adopted for lake and reservoir management across Europe. Generally, these HF data are still used only to inform on the present lake state, and their full potential to guide water quality management is not realized. We propose to develop an integrated approach that couples HF data to dynamic models to forecast short-term changes in lake state, and thus inform management decisions to safeguard the ecosystem services that lakes provide. The project consortium includes expertise from European sites that have been involved in the forefront of HF monitoring systems since the late 1990s, a state-of-the-art mesocosm system which can test scenarios for adaptive management, expertise in modelling algal blooms and DOC levels, and expertise in assessing societal benefits from changes in water management.

2013 Joint Pilot Call

Following the 2013 Water JPI Pilot Call on “Emerging Contaminants - Anthropogenic pathogens and pollutants”, seven projects were awarded, including two with Irish partners:

StARE (Irish partner: Fiona Walsh – NUI Galway: StARE Leaflet)
TRACE (Irish partner: Enda Cummins – UCD: TRACE Leaflet)