Sustainability Theme 1: Resource Efficiency

Ireland has no choice but to transition to a resource-efficient and ultimately regenerative circular economy.Irish and EU policy is driving this transition. This challenge presents us with many opportunities.

Increasing resource efficiency is key to securing growth and jobs for Ireland as well as reducing our carbon footprint, limiting the environmental impact of resource use and increasing our sustainability.

The overall goal for this thematic area is to support research that will deliver solutions for more efficient use of resources, water and materials. In line with the Waste Framework Directive waste treatment hierarchy, prevention and minimisation should be prioritised.

Where waste arises, research will be supported into approaches and technologies that recover the value in waste to yield raw materials for other processes and/or energy.

Resource Efficiency research will have four subthemes:

  • Supporting Policy and Enforcement.
  • Resource Efficient Production.
  • Waste as a Resource.
  • Sustainable Waste Treatment Options

Other Sustainability Research Themes