Sustainability Theme 4: Socio-Economic Aspects

of a Sustainable Environment

Environmental socio-economic research looks at the relationship between economy, society and environment.

It is the study of the sociological and economic factors, policies, behaviours, instruments, interactions, interventions, etc., that exert an influence – for good or bad – on our environment. It seeks to identify opportunities for, and roadblocks to, leveraging and sustaining environmental gains through socio-economic approaches or mechanisms.

This theme will examine the role of social and economic ‘forcers’ that trigger, motivate, create barriers or solutions to sustainable production/provision of goods and services, and sustainable consumption choices and behaviour change.

This theme is also interested in the effectiveness of existing or possible future government policies and measures in promoting sustainability in consumption and/or production.

Socio-Economic Aspects of Sustainable Environment research will have three subthemes:

  • Production & Service Provision.
  • Consumption.
  • Governance.

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