Baseline Characterisation of Groundwater, Surface Water and Associated Ecosystems

Baseline characterisation of groundwater, surface water and associated ecosystems is required to enable potential impacts to be assessed. The research covered by this project includes:

  • The importance of geology and hydrogeology in environmental protection and considerations of human health (e.g. drinking water).
  • Assessment of existing baseline monitoring in order to inform best practice in the island of Ireland context. Recommendations for future development of the baseline monitoring network.
  • Increasing geological and hydrogeological knowledge and developing a conceptual understanding, in the context of the three case study areas.
  • Evaluation of the connectivity between the shale gas source rocks and the groundwater in the overlying groundwater bodies.
  • Evaluation of the water requirements of UGEE projects/operations (for an individual, typical pad and for each permit area) and if the local catchments could meet these requirements without adverse environmental impacts.