Baseline Characterisation of Air Quality

Potential air emissions from UGEE projects/operations may originate from sources, such as:

  • Trucks and drilling equipment.
  • Natural gas processing and transportation.
  • Fugitive emissions.
  • Evaporative emissions of chemicals from wastewater ponds.
  • Spills and well blow-outs.
  • Post operation leakages from well.

Project-A3 will assess the requirements and needs for additional Air Baseline Monitoring (frequency, location and types of pollutants to be covered) in the context of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Environmental Impact Assessment Directive (2011/92/EU) refers to Impacts on Air such as Air Quality (Pollutants, Suspended Particles); Odour; Noise; Vibration and Radiation.

Existing sources of air pollution will be identified and the components of any existing air pollution identified and quantified. Potential emissions covered under Project-A3 include but are not limited to monitoring requirements under the EIA Directive.