Research Themes

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a statutory role in coordinating environmental research. The EPA's  STRIVE research programme has a strong focus on policy and has been driven by national regulations and European Directives. Policy-related research plays a vital role in ensuring that European Union (EU) and national policies are implemented in the most cost-effective manner. The STRIVE Programme consists of three key pillars, they are as follows:

1) Water Please refer to The Water Research Section for more information.

2) Climate   Please refer to The Climate Change Research Section for more information.

3) Sustainability Please refer to The Sustainable Environment Research Section for more information.

A series of research calls are being announced periodically over the course of the STRIVE programme. Please refer to the Funding Opportunities Section to find out if there is currently a call, relevant to your expertise, open or not.

In addition there is funding made available for EPA graduate programmes. Please refer to our Postgraduate Programme Section for more information.

Open Access to Published Research

The EPA supports the principle that ideas and knowledge derived from publicly-funded research should be made available and accessible for public use, interrogation and scrutiny, as widely, rapidly and effectively as practicable. For this reason, the EPA supports the National Open Access Policy Statement.