Annual Environmental Report (AER)

The AER is designed to facilitate licensees to provide the public with a concise summary of your environmental performance and of on-going developments on your site over the previous year. 

It includes:  

  • Details of your environmental objectives and targets achieved to date 
  • Your goals to maintain compliance and/or improve the environmental performance of your facility and your operations 
  • Information on your power, water and resource efficiency 
  • Information regarding your facility’s activities 
  • Summary of environmental complaints and incidents 
  • Summary results from emissions monitoring including air, water, sewer, noise, odour and dust 
  • Summary details of waste transferred off your facility for recovery or disposal 
  • For waste management sites, summary details of waste accepted and treated at your facility 
  • Confirmation of your financial provision for unexpected incidents and, where applicable, for closure, decommissioning and remediation of the site. 

To fulfil your AER reporting obligation: 

  • Download the AER Template and the associated AER Guidance Document 

Intensive Agriculture licence holders have specific annual reporting requirements and guidance documents.

  • Compile your AER based on your records 
  • Submit it as a Licensee Return via your EDEN Portal as  
    • Document Type 'Annual Environmental Report'
    • Document Subtype 'AER'
  • Await confirmation of upload 

The deadline for submission of your AER is 31 March each year. 

Other annual submissions under AER 

In some instancesyour licence may require the submission of additional reports as part of your annual reporting obligation, such as:  

  • Bund Integrity Tests 
  • Hydrogeological Investigations 
  • Toxicity Tests 
  • Closure, Restoration and Aftercare Management Plans (CRAMP) 
  • Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessments (ELRA) 
  • Firewater Retention Studies 

Please submit these as Licensee Returns as described in our AER Guidance Document. 

AER Reporting Guidance for holders of urban waste water licences and Dumping at Sea permits  

These categories of authorisation have specific annual reporting requirements: 

Urban Waste Water Licence Holders 

AER, PRTR and EPR Guidance for WWDL holders 

Note: UWW licence holders must submit their AERs by 28 February each year. 

Dumping at Sea Permit Holders 

AER Guidance and Templates