Overview of EPR

The Environmental Performance Reporting (EPR) module has been introduced to provide a simple system for licensees to comply with your data reporting obligations. It captures the key statistics on your performance over the reporting year, based on results of your monitoring and assessment. 

The EPR webform collects the data needed to fulfil your reporting requirements, including your statutory obligations, for:  

  • Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR)  
  • Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCP)  
  • Annual waste management statistics. 

The EPR system is part of our overall objective to promote efficient and effective work practices, reduce duplication in reporting and improve communications with EPA licensed facilities. 

2023 Reporting Cycle 

You may access and start entering your 2023 reports from 01 January 2024.  Data entered on the EPR webform can be viewed and edited until you make your submission. 

The deadline for completed submissions is 31 March each year.  

All EPR communications take place via the EDEN Portal. 

To complete your EPR return: 
  1. Log in to the EDEN Portal and navigate to the EPR Module.  Please ensure that your EDEN login and user access details are up-to-date and that all relevant persons involved in entering and reviewing EPR data within your organization are set up to do so on the EDEN Portal. 
  2. Open and follow the EPR Guidance Document. 
  3. Enter the required data into each relevant Tab of the EPR form. 
  4. When complete, submit the EPR form using the Submission tab.  
  5. Await confirmation that the EPR form has been successfully uploaded. 
Guidance and Assistance 
  • An EPR Guidance Document is available that provides step-by-step instructions and advice on completing the EPR form. 
  • Throughout the EPR webform, there are tooltips with additional information/explanations - just click on the 'i' symbol.
  • An EPA Helpdesk is available - Queries can be sent to EPRTeam@epa.ie 
  • Information is also available on the EDEN Business Support Page.
Further Guidance for Waste Reporting

Additional guidance for waste statistics reporting is available here (this includes Explanation of Recovery and Disposal Codes, Additional Breakdown of List of Waste entries, Guidance for estimating quantity of waste generated on-site).

EPR Calculation Toolsets 

Calculation toolsets are provided for the following sectors:

About EPR 

The first phase of the Environmental Performance Reporting on-line reporting application was launched on 1st February 2019. This phase met, and replaced, the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) and Large Combustion Plant (LCP) statutory reporting requirements as well as some waste statistics reporting requirements.  

The second phase was launched in January 2021 and brought online all remaining waste data reporting. This means that EPA will no longer be issuing separate annual waste statistics surveys.  


The EPA welcomes any feedback on the EPR reporting application – please send your comments to EPRTeam@epa.ie 

In 2021, the EPA surveyed data reporters on their experience of using the EPR application. A report on the survey findings is available here.