This section of the website is intended for the holders of licences issued by the EPA under  

As the operator of a licensed site, you are required to comply with the conditions of your licence and to ensure that your licence is kept updated to provide full and ongoing authorisation for all of your activities. 

The EPA provides a range of services to help you to comply with your licence: 

EDEN Portal for interacting with the EPA 

Sign Up as a User and Sign In to the EDEN Portal for all of your regulatory interactions with the EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement, including 

  • access your licence and any amendments to it 
  • submit monitoring returns and performance reports  AER and EPR reports; 
  • notify OEE of incidents and complaints 
  • respond to OEE instructions and corrective actions 
  • request approval to make alterations to your site or operations 
  • review your environmental performance and licence compliance 

EPA guidance for licensed operators

EPA provides an extensive body of technical guidance on all aspects of environmentally sustainable design, operation and compliance for licence holders. Use our Search Tool to find the guidance you want.


RBME and Enforcement Charges

Manage your Financial Provison for Environmental Liabilities

Report an Incident

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