WEEE and batteries - Information on fixed payment notices

This page provides information about Fixed Payment Notices (FPN). It includes information on why and how they can be used by the EPA, the offences that are subject to an FPN and the amounts that are payable. It also provides information on how to make a complaint to the EPA about a free rider producer.  

The EPA can issue a Fixed Payment Notice (FPN) to a producer or a distributor for offences under the WEEE Regulations. These offences include: 

  • Failure by a producer to register with the registration body, Producer Register Limited
  • Failure by a producer to report to the prlblackbox
  • The display of a producer registration number (e.g. on an invoice, credit note or website) by a producer who is not validly registered
  • Failure, by a distance seller who is also a producer, to display a valid producer registration number on their website
  • Failure by a producer or distributor of batteries, who is also a distance seller, to properly display information on take-back of waste batteries (e.g. websites, catalogues and brochures)
  • Failure by a distributor/retailer to display information signs (such as not providing information to customers on WEEE take-back or on the appropriate disposal of WEEE). The refusal by a retailer or distributor to accept the return of waste batteries, free of charge
  • The selling of WEEE from private households

The full list of relevant offences that are subject to a Fixed Payment Notice is in the Fixed Payment Notice regulations. 

How much might I have to pay?  

The amount that may be payable for a Fixed Payment Notice ranges from €500 to €2,000 per offence. 

What is the purpose of a Fixed Payment Notice? 

The EPA hopes that the use of Fixed Payment Notices will increase compliance with the WEEE and Batteries Regulations. This will then reduce the resources that the EPA currently spends on enforcing and advising retailers and producers to comply with the WEEE and Batteries Regulations. 

Make a complaint to the EPA

Some producers are not meeting their legal obligations. They are acting at an illegal competitive advantage over compliant producers. These producers are known as ‘free riders’. Do you know (or suspect) a producer that is not registered or who is acting as a free rider? You can tell the EPA using this free rider EEE producer complaint form. We will investigate your compliant. Your complaint will be confidential.