Guidance on WEEE and batteries

This page provides a range of compliance guidance documents for producers, distributors/retailers and distance sellers of EEE and batteries. These documents have been prepared to explain your legal obligations and to help you comply with the WEEE and batteries Regulations.  

Before you search the list below, find out who is responsible for doing what in the legislation by downloading the booklet: Who does what - WEEE & Battery Regulations.

Guidance for distance sellers

Self-complying B2B producers - Guidance for reporting to the EPA

A list of guidance documents is available here for self-complying B2B and battery producers. These documents have been prepared to help you to make your annual submissions to the EPA. 

The EPA carries out audits of B2B producers to check compliance with the WEEE and Batteries Regulations. Find out about what to expect at an EPA audit.

Authorised representatives

Find out about the legal obligations that apply to authorised representatives in Ireland. 

Find out how to appoint an authorised representative in Ireland and in other EU member states.  

Useful sources of information

Find out about the legislation that regulates WEEE and waste batteries

What kind of battery are you selling? Download the battery scoping decision tree if you are unsure.