Stationary Operators using ETS Module on Eden

The Emissions Trading System (ETS) module on EDEN allows the operator to communicate with the EPA and receive communications from the EPA. The ETS module on EDEN allows all installation Operators to:

  • apply for a first issue permit.
  • add a new installation to an existing Operator.
  • submit notification of updates to an existing permit (including permit transfers).
  • submit notification of temporary deviations from the approved permit and monitoring plan, notification of data gaps or any other temporary changes to the agreed monitoring methodology.
  • upload reports with supporting information on the above (other than the annual emissions report which must be submitted on EU ETS reporting).

In addition, those operators entitled to free allocation should use EDEN to:

  • submit the monitoring methodology plan,
  • their baseline data report,
  • the annual activity level report.

In the Notify/Manage Section of EDEN you can:

  1. View your current ETS Permits
  2. Manage your ETS Returns
  3. Manage your ETS Notifications
  4. View ETS Site Visits
  5. Follow up on ETS Findings and Recommendations (associated with Site Visits)

You can access EDEN at the following link: EDEN Ireland

For guidance on registering as a new or existing organisation please contact

An overview of functions available on the Eden ETS module is available here.

Detailed Guidance on Licensee Returns and Responding to Requests for Further Information is available here.

Permit variations: The template for reporting thermal input capacity/production capacity for permitted emission sources is available here.