Green Enterprise completed projects

Green Enterprise: Innovation for a Circular Economy is an annual funding call under the Circular Economy Programme and aims to develop innovative practical applications and solutions that stimulate the circular economy in Ireland. Green Enterprise projects which completed since 2020 include:

Project TitleLead OrganisationDescription
Symbiobeer  Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) SymbioBeer is a project which aimed to promote innovative waste prevention solutions across the food production and food processing sectors.  It investigated the re-use of bread production residues as a secondary raw material for beer production and the utilisation of by-products from beer production to create new bread products. 
Food for Ireland Campaign Food Cloud FoodCloud developed five case study videos which capture their full service for the food supply chain and showcase best practice examples of surplus redistribution with four donors. Each video presents a key theme around food surplus redistribution and address common misconceptions and perceived barriers. The videos were shared with stakeholders, including the European Food Banks Federation and FoodCloud’s retail partners to demonstrate the positive impact surplus redistribution has had in communities across Ireland.
Service models for bulky item reuse Community Resources Network Ireland  This project designed a service model to improve bulky item reuse in the public sector. The main output from this project is a  'How to guide for reuse in the public sector'. Outcomes of the project have extended beyond completion including engagement with key public procurement groups and informing the development of national policy and targets relating to reuse.
Green Jobs in the Simon Community  Midlands Simon Community  This project supported the Midlands Simon Community to expand the range of material sold in their charity shops and increase the reusability of materials donated. Raising awareness on re-using, up-cycling and prevention of waste was one of the key elements of the project. This was achieved through training, workshops, up-cycle events and the engagement of Green Schools.
Green Teams Recognition Scheme Consulteco This project delivered a training and support programme for green teams and environmental champions in fifteen organisations. The course content and training material were piloted before the training was fully rolled-out. A website is available to promote the course   
Methods for expansion of paint reuse programme Rediscovery Centre  This project Investigated methods for the optimisation and expansion of the Rediscovery Centre’s Rediscover Paint operations. Informed by a comprehensive literature review, the report draws on experiences of paint reuse in the UK. Changes were made to Rediscover Paint’s operations which resulted in increased paint throughput, operational efficiency, reduced administration and improved work practice. The learnings from this exercise are being applied by the Rediscovery Centre to develop regional paint reuse through mentoring social enterprises in their Circular Economy Academy.  
Scoping the Irish fruit & vegetable supply chain for valuable biomass resources for upgrade CyberColloids This project evaluated the potential to recover and use the biomass generated in fruit and vegetable supply chains to produce new food fibre ingredients.  The project demonstrated that Ireland generates sufficient fruit and vegetable waste that could feed into one (or a few) central processing facilities to produce new food ingredients.
Producing a composite from plastic bottles Irish Manufacturing Research The PROBOT project is research that was undertaken by Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and Irish Composites Centre (IComp). The aim of this research was to investigate the potential uptake of a new composite created by IComp using Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) to create a Self-Reinforced Polymer, as opposed to the Polypropylene Self Reinforced Polymers which are currently utilised on the market in various industries. 
Your Local Food Network & the Simple Food Pledge Your Local Food Network The mission of this project is to promote sustainable production, trading and consumption of seasonal, wholesome and local food. Likeminded producers were encouraged to sign the SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE. An online hub was created to host SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE membership. 
Minimising fish waste in the supply chain Proiseail (An Clochan Liath) Teoranta The primarily objective of this project was to reduce fish waste at Irish Fish Canners. The project used Design of Experiments (DOE) to put a structure on its work. DOE changed the previous haphazard approach to improvements and helped the company to focus on the most important activities that could save waste. In order to quantify the overall benefits from the improvement projects, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was carried out. 
The EPA Lean Water Community of Practice Central Solutions Ltd The EPA Lean Water Community of Practice continued to grow membership to 200 in 2019. The national certification scheme provides a new five step guidance for large water users which, since 2013, have reduced their water use by an average of 20%.
NetMap project Macroom E The NetMap project provided a resource of mapping the management of waste fishing nets and rope (FNRs) in Ireland. The project demonstrated the potential for using this waste as a resource which could have societal, environmental and economic benefits. The project demonstrated reusing wasted fishing nets in concrete as a material for the construction industry.
Cashel, Towards Zero Waste Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE) Zero Waste Cashel was a community pilot and toolkit for implementing and measuring waste prevention, reuse, repair and awareness raising in communities. Since completion businesses in Cashel continue to offer incentives to prevent waste such as discounts for reusable coffee cups. Other communities who visited Cashel to learn about implementing zero waste initiatives, such as Belturbet, Co. Cavan are now on the journey of becoming a ‘Zero waste town’.
Reuse Quality Mark Community Resources Network Ireland Reuse Quality Mark was a formalised accreditation process for reuse stores. The pilot increased consumer confidence in the quality and safety of reused goods and continues to highlight the potential for establishing a nationwide reuse quality mark in Ireland. Benefits include increased support and consumer confidence as well as increased revenue and employee.
Green IT at the University of Limerick University of Limerick This project was a campus-wide strategy identifying key areas for improvement in three life cycle stages in IT (manufacture, use and end of life) and presented solutions on both staff and student levels, for resource and energy efficiency, carbon reduction and waste prevention through reuse and repair.
All Heads Together Art and Education Resource Store Ireland Ltd t/a
In this project All heads together created a handbook as a resource for artists and teachers. In partnership with Trinity College this evidence-based handbook provided insight from the literature on pedagogy and educational theory to offer practical guidance to teaching artists and teachers working with reuse materials in inclusive educational settings.
Development of a Sustainable rHDPE Automotive Grade Commercialisation Strategy Wheely Environmental Refuse Service (WERS Waste) The project found that the critical success factors for the development of a sustainable automotive grade HDPE are the control of contaminants in the Melt Flow Index. 

Polymer Alloy Technology Teo


Single Use Plastic Packaging Remoulded into Pallets


This project will showcase the potential of plastics pallet production in a circular economy using mixed plastic waste and demonstrating a prototype, mould and manufacture test. See final report.

Rezero: Research & Implementation of deposit-return system

Zero Waste

This project aimed to demonstrate national potential of deposit-return scheme for reusable food containers.

Exploring cradle to cradle opportunities in the Irish construction sector

Carey Building Contractors

This project aimed to explore cradle-to-cradle and material loop opportunities during the tendering, procurement, pre-construction planning and construction phases on a number of suitable case studies.