Green Enterprise ongoing projects

Green Enterprise projects currently underway are listed below:

Organisation Project Title Funding  Description
Allied Recycling Gypsum Recycling Facility


Allied Recycling will start a waste plasterboard recycling facility at their existing authorised facility.  This project aims to increase the amount of recycled gypsum in production and reduce the amount of mined gypsum.

An Mheitheal Rothar Bike remanufacturing


Remanufacturing frames of poor condition used bicycles. Six Tús trainees will be trained in cycle mechanic skills, growing the circular economy ecosystem.
Carey Building Contractors The development of a resource management and materials circularity protocol for the Irish construction sector


The aim of this project is to develop a Resource Management and Materials Circularity Protocol for the construction sector based on evidence-based practice focusing on the waste hierarchy of prevention, preparing for reuse, recycling, energy recovery and disposal.
Central Solutions Community of Practice for Innovation for a Circular Economy


Creation of a Waste and Circularity Community of Practice (COP) that will serve as a platform to establish consensus for the industrial sector.

ELV Environmental Services Examine End of Live Vehicle (ELV) potential for their reuse and recycling


The project aims to investigate the key components of an electric End of Life Vehicle (ELV), and the potential for their reuse and recycling in Ireland.

Food Cloud Carbon Footprint Calculator for Food Cloud


This project will estimate FoodCloud’s annual carbon balance to accurately quantify the GHG emissions of surplus food redistribution.

Food Cloud The Food Cloud Kitchen  - a delicious way to save the planet


The Food Cloud Kitchen project aims to serve and engage citizens through corporate bookings & public events; produce meals resulting from surplus food recovered and bring the Food Cloud Kitchen to an online audience.

Furniture Recycling  Upcycling end of life mattresses to insulation material and other product 


The objective of this project is to create a functioning recycling facility that uses waste textile and foam material from end of life mattresses in the manufacture of insulation material and soft filling.

Irish Green Building Council

IGBC ATU & Limerick 2030 Circular Economy Construction demonstrator project


Collaboration between the Irish Green Building Council , the Build 360 research group in the Atlantic Technological University, The Southern Region Waste Management Office and the Limerick 2030 property development company.  The aim of this proposal is to utilise the Limerick Opera Site development as a Lighthouse Demonstrator Project for the Circular Build Environment.

Irish Wood and Furniture Manufacturing Network (IWFMN)

Industrial Symbiosis, Circular Economy, Furniture & Textiles 


This project aims to demonstrate circular economy opportunities for furniture, textiles, upholstery and related products and material streams within the network. It will focus on the creation of partnerships to find new uses for industry by-products.   

Jiminy Eco Toys

RePlay - Refurbished Toys


Refurbish toys, reuse/repair/collection events at schools / festivals etc.  Engage families about repair / reuse.  Media and mainstream press features.  An off the shelf replication toolkit will be produced.
Positive Carbon The use of food waste insights to reduce food waste in commercial kitchens


The aim of this project is to use food waste insights to reduce food waste in commercial kitchens. A database of the most wasted foods in commercial kitchens will be created along with innovative insights on how to reduce food waste.

Reuse Island

Vytal Ireland: The Reuse System


Pilot of a digital platform to deliver a reusable food and beverage container system to the Irish food service market.  
Sensi Shrinking the Circularity Loop for Plastics Recycling and Reuse


Sensi have built a Smart Reverse Vending Machine (SRVM) utilising Visual AI (Object recognition) and IoT technologies. This project will build upon existing prototypes for pilot trials.
Share Club Reusable packaging system for takeaway food and drink


The pilot project aims to test the system for takeaway in reusable packaging, with use in delivery services to be tested in a later step.  Over a period of 12 months, we intend to test, refine and establish the reusable packaging service so that it can be easily implemented in other cities and regions in Ireland as well as other countries.
The Rediscovery Centre

Food Rescue and Research Cafe


Evaluate the potential of Food Rescue Cafes to contribute to reducing food waste at a national level.  Operational and Training Guide will be produced that can be drawn upon by other food establishments seeking to incorporate surplus food into their business.