Green Enterprise ongoing projects

Green Enterprise projects currently underway are listed below:

Table 1: Green Enterprise Projects relating to plastics
OrganisationProject TitleDescription
Polymer Alloy Technology Teo Recycling Waste Farm Plastics into On-Farm Livestock Drinkers This project aims to recycle waste farm plastics into on-farm livestock drinkers .
Sea Synergy Marine Plastic Waste - Closing the Loop (MARplas) MarPlas is led by the Sea Synergy research team, the project is working on the full aspect of the fishing net re-use process, from collection and cleaning to reprocessing and new product creation. 
ÉireComposites Teoranta Developing recyclable wind turbine blades Developing an innovative manufacturing process using recyclable reinforced plastic for producing wind turbine blades. 
Sensi Shrinking the Circularity Loop for Plastics Recycling and Reuse Sensi have built a Smart Reverse Vending Machine (SRVM) utilising Visual AI (Object recognition) and IoT technologies. This project will build upon existing prototypes for pilot trials.


Table 2: Green Enterprise projects relating to construction and demolition
OrganisationProject TitleDescription
John Gannon Concrete Ltd T/A Gannon Eco Replacement Aggregate for Cement Products Identifying and testing suitable construction & demolition waste streams for use in concrete production.
Irish Green Building Council Closing the loop on construction Life Cycle Analysis Delivering training on Level(s), the European framework for sustainable buildings. An early design stage carbon design tool will be developed.  
Carey Building Contractors The development of a resource management and materials circularity protocol for the Irish construction sector The aim of this project is to develop a Resource Management and Materials Circularity Protocol for the construction sector based on evidence-based practice focusing on the waste hierarchy of prevention, preparing for reuse, recycling, energy recovery and disposal.
Central Solutions Community of Practice for Innovation for a Circular Economy

Creation of a Waste and Circularity Community of Practice (COP) that will serve as a platform to establish consensus for the industrial sector.

Allied Recycling Gypsum Recycling Facility

Allied Recycling will start a waste plasterboard recycling facility at their existing authorised facility.  This project aims to increase the amount of recycled gypsum in production and reduce the amount of mined gypsum.


Table 3: Green Enterprise projects relating to Food Waste
THEME: Food Waste
OrganisationProject TitleDescription
Beacon Glass Limited. Environmental impact analysis of an urban mushroom farm model

The project will identify, measure and analyse the key inputs and outputs of an urban coffee-based mushroom farm, investigate the composting/vermicomposting potential of a coffee-based mushroom substrate and analyse other urban waste products that can be used to grow high value mushrooms.

Food Cloud Carbon Footprint Calculator for Food Cloud

This project will estimate FoodCloud’s annual carbon balance to accurately quantify the GHG emissions of surplus food redistribution.

Positive Carbon The use of food waste insights to reduce food waste in commercial kitchens

The aim of this project is to use food waste insights to reduce food waste in commercial kitchens. A database of the most wasted foods in commercial kitchens will be created along with innovative insights on how to reduce food waste.

Central Solutions Community of Practice for Innovation for a Circular Economy

Creation of a Waste and Circularity Community of Practice (COP) that will serve as a platform to establish consensus for the industrial sector.



Table 3: Green Enterprise Projects relating to resources and raw materials
OrganisationProject TitleDescription
Community Reuse Network Ireland Developing a Circular Textiles System for Ireland Delivering a controlled pilot programme comparing different textile collection systems, supported by a communications campaign. 
Irish Manufacturing Research SymbioBeer SymbioBeer: Industrial synergies to reduce food waste
Irish Manufacturing Research Demonstration of industrial synergies to reduce food waste by utilising waste bread as a secondary raw material in the production of beer and utilise beer waste to produce bread.
Roscommon Women's Network Women's Environmental Community Activation Network Demonstration of local circular economy potential by providing training to recover, repurpose and upcycle textiles. This project will also raise awareness and empower women to generate employment opportunities while protecting the environment.
An Mheitheal Rothar Bike remanufacturing Remanufacturing frames of poor condition used bicycles. Six Tús trainees will be trained in cycle mechanic skills, growing the circular economy ecosystem.
Hexafly Hexafly Insect Farming Revolution This project will identify suitable waste streams for conversion to protein by Black Soldier Flies; and demonstrate the conversion of waste to raw materials for producing animal and aquaculture feeds.

Irish Wood and Furniture Manufacturing Network (IWFMN)

Industrial Symbiosis, Circular Economy, Furniture & Textiles 

This project aims to demonstrate circular economy opportunities for furniture, textiles, upholstery and related products and material streams within the network. It will focus on the creation of partnerships to find new uses for industry by-products.   

Furniture Recycling  Upcycling end of life mattresses to insulation material and other product 

The objective of this project is to create a functioning recycling facility that uses waste textile and foam material from end of life mattresses in the manufacture of insulation material and soft filling.

Central Solutions Community of Practice for Innovation for a Circular Economy

This project aims to create a Waste and Circularity Community of Practice (COP).