Textiles: Understanding second hand clothes qualitative study 2022

Behavioural insight is a foundation of the EPA's Circular Economy Programme, providing evidence to inform policy, to inform behavioural change interventions and to inform awareness campaigns.  The EPA contracted Behaviour & Attitueds (B&A) to carry out this qualitative study to understand the needs, influencers and barriers of women (up to 35 years) to buying second hand clothes/preloved clothes in preference to new clothing.

Six qualitative discussion groups were conducted online in October 2022 across Dublin, Cork and Galway among women aged 18-35 - 45 participants overall.  To get a gradient of attitudes towards second hand clothing, a mix of more engaged with second hand clothing ("advocates") and those less engaged ("consideration" and "inattentive") were included.  This research incorporates and builds on insights from the nationally representative survey on Irish citizen's attitudes, awareness and behaviours relating to textiles conducted in 2021.

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Textiles: understanding second hand clothes qualitative study 2022