Textiles: National attitudes and behaviours survey 2021

Behavioural insight is a foundation of the EPA’s Circular Economy Programme, providing evidence to inform policy, to inform behavioural change interventions and to inform awareness campaigns.

The EPA contracted Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A) to carry out quantitative research which is the first nationally representative baseline survey on Irish citizens’ attitudes, awareness and behaviours relating to textiles. The fieldwork for the online survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults ages 16+ was carried out in November 2021.

The survey topic areas are presented in a series of five reports, click on the numbered headings below to view the full report for each topic:

1. Purchasing of clothes:

main points of survey


2. Reuse and repair of clothing

An infographic displaying percentages of people that reuse and repair clothing

3. Management and disposal of textiles

An infographic displaying the percentages of how textiles are managed and disposed

4. Sustainable consumption and use I

An infographic displaying percentages of consumption and use

5. Sustainable consumption and use II

An infographic displaying percentages of opinions on sustainable choices