National PCB Inventory & PCB Management Plan

 Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) are substances that may occur in older electrical equipment such as transformers, capacitors and fluorescent lighting ballasts. PCBs are persistent organic polutants and are extremely harmful to the environment and at higher levels, human health. 

Please note that all holders of PCBs, used PCBs, or PCB-contaminated equipment containing aggregate volumes of greater than 5 litres of PCB-contaminated materials with total PCB concentrations greater than 0.005% w/w are legally obliged to notify the EPA of these holdings by the 1st September each year.

31 December 2010 was the final date by which any equipment containing more than 5 litres of PCB-contaminated materials with a total PCB concentration of greater than 0.05% w/w was required to be disposed of or decontaminated in an environmentally sound manner.


All equipment containing PCB-contaminated materials with total PCB concentrations between 0.005% and 0.05% w/w must be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner at the end of its useful life.

To assist holders of PCB-contaminated materials and/or equipment in notifying the EPA of such holdings, a PCB Online Notification system is available. Please see below for instructions on the use of the system.

If you become aware of equipment that could or does contain PCBs please contact the EPA at

An updated PCB Management Plan, incorporating a code of practice for the in-use management of PCBs and PCB containing equipment was published in 2008 together with a national inventory of confirmed PCB holdings and suspect PCB holdings (i.e. equipment that could contain PCBs but for which no confirmatory testing has been carried out). The EPA maintains this inventory based on information obtained from site surveys and notifications from holders of PCBs.


PCB Online Notification System:  First-time User Guidance

PCB Online Notification System:  Registered User Guidance

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Check the relevant legislation

S.I. No. 163/1998
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Council Directive 96/59/EC
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