National Climate Research Database

This database contains information about research funded by the members of the National Climate Research Coordination Group since mid-2017. It is searchable by keywords, lead researcher, research institution, etc.

In the context of the National Climate Research Database:

  • “Research Hub/Pillar” is used to display information regarding whether the projects are:
    • Climate research awards: Awards for climate change research, with climate as primary field of research and that directly address research questions related to climate science, climate change and climate change policy (e.g. analysis of scenarios and pathways to achieve climate neutrality; Ireland’s climate status).
    • Awards of relevance to climate action: Awards for other research, with a primary field of research which is not climate (e.g. agriculture, energy, earth sciences, etc.) but that is of relevance to/will generate evidence/ knowledge and/or develop solutions supporting climate action/meeting climate policy objectives, e.g. research on decarbonising energy system.
    • This information is only collated since the Report for 2021 (published in 2022).
  • Research themes used in the Climate Database relates to the classification used in the CRCG Annual Report of Activities. There was a change in the classification in 2021 with the new themes being:
    • Science: Ireland in a changing world
    • Achieving climate neutrality by 2050.
    • Being prepared for Ireland’s future climate.
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