National Allocation Table for the period 2013-2020 b

Pursuant to Article 10A(7) of Directive 2003/87/EC (NIMs) - Updates due to changes to the operation of an installation., March 2015

Year: 2015

National Allocation Table (NAT) for the period 2013-2020 (a)

NIMs - updates due to Changes in Carbon Leakage Status Com. Decision 2014/746/EU, March 2015

Year: 2015

CORINE 2012 Infosheet

Year: 2015

CORINE 2012 has been released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this is an update in the CORINE data series. It is produced by the EPA for the European Environment Agency. This is a national landuse landcover dataset for 2012 produced at a 25 hectare resolution.

Focus on Urban Waste Water Treatment in 2013

Year: 2014

This report provides an overview of urban waste water treatment in Ireland during 2013 and includes an assessment of effluent quality against European standards and waste water discharge authorisations.

Annual Emission Reporting for Stationary Installations in ETSWAP for 2014

Year: 2014

Presentation from EPA Webinar of 8th October 2014.

Mixed residual waste

Residual waste treatment trends 2009 to 2013

Year: 2014

This bulletin reports on trends in the management of residual waste between 2009 and 2013.

Report cover with plumes of smoke

Air Quality in Ireland 2013

Key Indicators of Ambient Air Quality., October 2014

Year: 2014

Ambient air quality trends based on concentration measurements in 2013 of particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, black smoke, heavy metals, ozone, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and benzene.

Integrated Water Quality Assessments - North Western & Neagh Bann River Basin Districts 2013

Year: 2014

This assessment presents the latest monitoring data, an assessment of the data and a focus on key issues that affect water quality in the NBIRBD and NWIRBD.

Dioxin Levels in the Irish Environment 2014 - raw data

Dioxin Levels in the Irish Environment 2014 - raw data, September 2014

Year: 2014

Raw data for dioxins 2014 - see 2014 Annual Air Quality Report for full report on dioxin survey 2014.

Tuarascáil Náisiúnta Dramhaíola 2012

Year: 2014

Achoimre feidhmiúcháin, conclúidí agus moltaí an Tuarascáil Náisiúnta Dramhaíola 2012. Cuireann an tuarascáil seo faisnéis maidir le giniúint agus bainistiú dramhaíola i 2012. Clúdaíonn sé dramhail a ghintear ag teaghlaigh, tráchtála agus oibreoirí tionscail, chomh maith le dramhaíl a onnmhairiú thar lear.

Report cover with picture of bails of waste

National Waste Report 2012

Year: 2014

This report presents information on waste generation and management in 2012. The report illustrates progress towards meeting EU recovery, recycling and diversion from landfill targets. Printed hardcopy versions are currently not available, however this document is free to download.

National Hazardous Waste Management Plan

Year: 2014

The reports below are supporting documentation to the National Hazardous Waste Management Plan 2014 - 2020.

Radon in Drinking Water

Year: 2014

A brochure on radon in drinking water.

Radon and Your Health

Year: 2014

A brochure briefly summarising the effect of radon on your health.

Calibration Service Application Form

Year: 2014

Application form for instrument calibration

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment Systems Infographic, July 2014

Year: 2014

Management Options for domestic wastewater treatment sludges