Scholarship Funding Opportunities

EPA Co-funded Scholarships Scheme

The EPA can co-fund PhD Scholarships with Third Level Institutions.

Under the EPA Co-funded Scholarships Scheme, funding is available for a small number of awards, as per the following:

  • 48-month PhDs (indicative budget of €96,000);
  • Limited to new and innovative projects;
  • Co-funded by an Irish host research institution on a 50:50 basis;
  • EPA is to be consulted in the selection process of the candidate (i.e. interview panel)
  • All co-funded PhDs would have to adhere to the EPA’s funding rules and reporting requirements.

Selection criteria will cover the following points:

  • Proposal should be for innovative research aiming at supporting environmental policy in Ireland.
  • The proposed Scholarship should provide evidence to identify pressures, inform policy and develop solutions.
  • The proposed scholarship should be relevant to the:
    • EPA Research Strategy 2014-2020;
    • National environmental policy context; and
    • Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2019 Scheme is now closed.

Indicative Timeframe:

  • Call Opening: Friday 18th January 2019 
  • Call Deadline: Friday 29th March 2019 (5pm)
  • Evaluation: April – May 2019
  • Notification: June 2019
  • Advertisement of PhD Opportunity and Selection of PhD candidate by Host Institution: June – September 2019.

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Irish Research Council-EPA Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship programme

Over the course of the current research programme (2014-2020) the EPA, in partnership with the Irish Research Council (IRC) Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme provides funding annually for scholarships in the three pillar areas of Climate, Water and Sustainability. This programme offers scholarships for suitably qualified individuals to pursue a research master’s or PhD (either traditional or structured), in any discipline, at eligible higher education institutions in Ireland.

The total value of the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, and all strategic funding partner scholarships, will be up to a maximum of €24,000 in any approved year.

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Previous Awards

Under the previous programmes, funding was provided for scholarships. You can view the abstracts from the theses on our website.