National Waste Prevention Programme

The National Waste Prevention Programme is a Government of Ireland initiative, led by the EPA, which supports national-level, strategic programmes to prevent waste and drive the circular economy in Ireland.

We have targeted funding programmes to support the development of novel solutions for the circular economy. We deliver waste prevention programmes through partnerships. Our priority areas are food waste, construction & demolition, plastics, agriculture, resources & raw materials and local waste prevention. For more information on our programmes and resources, such as sectoral sustainability factsheets and case studies, click on the links on the left hand side of this page.

Oversight and direction for the National Waste Prevention Programme comes through the National Waste Prevention Committee. The EPA publishes annual reports on the National Waste Prevention Programme.

For more information on the National Waste Prevention Programme, download this leaflet or watch the video below.



The‌ Circular Economy

The circular economy aims to reduce waste at all stages of the economic cycle and ensure materials are used as efficiently as possible.
Waste prevention, a central concept of the circular economy, challenges us to review our existing design, production, distribution and consumption of products. This will move us from the current linear model of Take > Make > Use > Dispose to a more efficient and low-carbon economy.

Towards a Resource Efficient Ireland

The National Waste Prevention Programme is part of an overarching national strategy published in 2014 'Towards a Resource Efficient Ireland.'