Construction and Demolition Web Resources & Publications

The following web resources and publications are brought together to support waste prevention and best practice in the Construction and Demolition sector. This sector is a priority area of the EPA led National Waste Prevention Programme which supports reaching key targets under EU Circular Economy proposals, landfill capacity limitations and proper management of soil, stone and C&D materials.

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Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy

Nordic Council of Ministers, 2018 Circular economy in the Nordic construction sector 
Environmental Protection Agency, 2013 Design out waste - A design team guide to waste reduction in construction and demolition projects
Irish Green Building Council, 2018 Towards a circular economy in construction - Assessing low carbon, healthy, responsible products for the construction sector 
WRAP, 2008 Setting a requirement for recycled content in building projects - Guidance for clients, design teams and contractors
WRAP, 2007 The efficient use of materials in regeneration projects - Linking demolition and new build - a step by step guide
RE4 project, 2017 Valorization of construction and demolition wastes: RE4 building solutions
European Commission, 2014 Communcation from the commission on resource efficiency opportunities in the building sector
WRAP, 2013 WRAP Archetype resource benchmarks for construction projects
Zero Waste Scotland, 2017 Designing out construction waste - A guide for project design teams 
European Commission, 2012 Communication from the commission on a strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises
Nordic Council of Ministers, 2011 Assessment of initiatives to prevent waste from building and construction sectors
WRAP, 2010 WRAP benchmarks for target setting


European Commission, 2019 Level(s) - taking action on the total impact of the construction sector
Environmental Protection Agency, 2018 Home Performance Index (HPI) is Irelands' first national certification system for quality and sustainable residential development
European Commission, 2017 Level(s) - A common EU framework of core sustainability indicators for office and residential buildings
Government of Ireland, 2016 Government of Ireland Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness
Health Service Executive, 2015 Sustainable healthcare building guidelines specification, design, construction and refurbishment of healthcare buildings
Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, 2013 Construction products regulation (CPR)
Environmental Protection Agency, STRIVE 97 2012 Hemp Lime Bio-composite as a Building Material in Irish Construction
OPW, 2009 Sustainability policy of the Office of Public Works (OPW)
Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, 2009 Guidelines for Planning Authorities on Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas (Cities, Towns and Villages)
Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, 2007 Best Practice Guidelines, Quality Housing for Sustainable Communities

Green Procurement

Resource Efficient Scotland, 2017 Procuring resource efficient construction projects
Resource Efficient Scotland, 2015 Design led whole life costing tool user manual
European Commission, 2016 EU GPP criteria for office building design, construction and management
European Commission, 2016 Green Public Procurement criteria for ofiice building design, construction and management - Procurement practice
European Commission, 2016 EU Green Public Procurement criteria for road design, construction and maintenance
European Commission, 2016 Revision of Green Public Procurement criteria for road design, construction and maintenance - Procurement practice guidance document
Environmental Protection Agency, 2014 Green procurement guidance for the public sector
Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, 2014 Review of the Producer Responsibility Initiative Model in Ireland
Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, 2011 Green Tenders, an Action Plan on Green Public Procurement
WRAP, 2009 Construction procurement guidance - delivering higher recycled content in construction projects

C&D Waste Management

Environmental Protection Agency, 2018 Guidance on soil and stone by - draft proposed for public consultation
European Commission, 2018 EU guidelines for the waste audits before demolition and renovation works on buildings
Transport Infrastructure Ireland, 2017 The management of waste from national road construction projects
European Commission, 2016 EU construction and demolition waste management protocol - Executive summary
European Commission, 2016 EU construction and demolition waste management protocol
Environmental Protection Agency Research 146, 2015 A review of design and construction waste management practices in selected case studies - Lessons learned
ENCORD, 2013 Construction Waste Measurement Protocol
Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, 2012 A Resource Opportunity
Institute for Prospective Technological StudiesSustainble Production and Consumption Unit, 2012 Best environmental management practice for the building and constructor sector
Environmental Protection Agency Strive Report 26, 2009 The Development of an Audit Methodology to Generate Construction Waste Production Indicators for the Irish Construction Industry
Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, 2006 Best practice guidelines on the preparation of waste management plans for construction and demolition projects

Web Resources

Project Ireland 2040
European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform
Encord European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development
RE 4 cluster projects 
Construction and Demolition Waste Statistics for Ireland
Guide to LEED certification
BREEAM Certification
CEEQUAL scheme
Environmental Product Declaration Ireland Programme


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