Office of Environmental Sustainability

The Office of the Environmental Sustainability has a wide remit that aims to achieve a well regulated, climate-resilient, resource-efficient and environmentally engaged society that ensures protection of the environment, the wellbeing of citizens and sustainable competitiveness for our economy. The office is responsible for:

  • Authorisation of specified activities (licensing of large Industrial and waste activities under the Industrial Emission Directive (IED), Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) and Waste Regulations; Urban Waste Water Discharges; Dumping at Sea; Historic landfills, Volatile Organic Compound emissions; GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) users in Ireland and Local Authority recycling activities.
  • EU Carbon Emissions Trading, Registry Operation and Kyoto Project Mechanisms.
  • Preparing the National GHG, air pollutant and waste Inventories & Projections.
  • Activities that underpin our Resource Efficient Ireland Strategy, for example, implementation of the National Waste Prevention Programme, reporting on national waste statistics, waste classification and supervision of producer responsibility schemes. 
  • Implementing multiple hazardous substances reduction and elimination programmes.
  • Managing the national pollutant release and regulated activity registries.
  • Production of targeted information, advice and guidance to assist compliance and enable sustainable behavioural change.
  • Climate science.

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