The Office of Environmental Enforcement (OEE) maintains records that we gather and process in the course of our compliance and enforcement work.   

Since the EPA was established in 1993, we have operated a policy of providing open public access to our compliance and enforcement records. We aim to comply fully with the Aarhus Convention and associated legislation on public access.  We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in how we manage our records and how we make them available to the public. 

Access LEAP Online to view compliance and enforcement information.

You can also access information about applications for EPA licences, permits and authorisations. 

What compliance and enforcement information is available? 

You can access licence application or enforcement information about specific sites by first selecting the category of licence, permit or authorisation you wish to view: 

Drinking water 

The EPA provides information resources about the regulation of drinking water: 

See general information on drinking water on the Citizens Information website. 

Industrial, waste, waste water and dumping at sea  

You can find information about compliance and enforcement of these sectors in two ways: 

On the EPA website

See our pages on each regulated activity for general information, including

Access LEAP Online to view compliance and enforcement information to search for the specific licence, permit or authorisation you wish to viewLEAP gives access to the following information: 

  • Licence application documentation  
  • EPA site visit (inspection and monitoring) reports and operators' responses  
  • Licensee returns:
    • Annual Environmental Reports (AERs)
    • monitoring returns
    • notifications, requests and site updates
    • EPA requests for information

Making copies of enforcement files 

LEAP Online provides access to our compliance and enforcement information, so you may find it unnecessary to print copies of LEAP content. 

You can download items of LEAP content, or make prints using your browser's Print function.  Users are asked to note that the EPA denies responsibility for and accepts no liability for any material that is printed, downloaded, copied or otherwise derived from LEAP, from the point where it is no longer held within the confines of LEAP. 

EPA’s formal Access to Information mechanisms 

You may make a request to the EPA for access to information under the Freedom of Information Act or the Access to Information in the Environment Regulations 

See the EPA’s FOI Publication Scheme. 

Learn more 

Legislation on public access to information on the environment 

Aarhus Convention 1998

Freedom of Information Act 2014

Access to Information on the Environment Regulations