Operators of most EPA licensed activities, including industrial, waste, wastewater and dumping at sea, are required to submit an Annual Environmental Report or AER.  

The AER is designed to provide a concise summary of the environmental performance of the site over the previous year and a summary of on-going improvements on the licensed site. 

AERs are an opportunity for operators to communicate with their neighbours and the wider public about their activities during the last calendar year. They can also describe the measures they have taken to avoid and minimise any environmental impact outside their site and their commitments to ongoing improvements in their operations. These might include reductions in emissions and waste and improved efficiency in their use of energy and water in their processes. 

AERs are available to view on the Licence Details Page for each individual licensed, permitted or authorised site. 

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See the information and guidance that EPA has issued to licence, permit and authorisation holders on how to compile their AERs and associated Environmental Performance Reports: 

Annual Environmental Report & Environmental Performance Reporting