Sites in the News 

In this section 

We know that the public wants immediate access to the latest information about sites where there are local environmental concerns. For example, there may be a rise in complaints or incidents at an EPA licensed site – or an increase in public interest about sites that are not compliant with their licences.  

These sites of high public interest are likely to become enforcement priorities for the EPA at the same time and for the same reasons.   

Recognising this, we create a new stand-alone page about an emerging site of high public interest on this website. This is where you can access all the documents we have received on this issue and our own reports and investigations. We include reports of additional monitoring and enforcement by the EPA, along with information on additional measures we instruct the operator to carry out.   

We review the compliance status of sites of high public interest regularly.  

Sites are removed from the Sites in the news page, and the information is placed in our archivesix months after the last action has been closed.   

Routine licence application and compliance information about each site remains available via the licence search function on the EPA Website and on our Licence Enforcement Access Portal (LEAP)which is available at EPA offices 

Some sites in the news may also appear on the National Priority Sites List.