EPA Prosecutes Takeda Ireland Limited, Reg. No. P0693-02

Hearing Date: September 02, 2021

On the 2nd of September 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuted Takeda Ireland Limited, Grange Castle Business Park, New Nangor Road, Grange, Dublin 22 at Bray District Court.

Takeda Ireland Limited pleaded guilty to breaches of conditions of its Industrial Emissions Licence - P0693-02 for:

  • Five charges for failure to comply with Condition 6.5 of its Industrial Emissions Licence,  namely failure to ensure that monitoring and analysis equipment was installed, operated and maintained so that monitoring accurately reflected the emissions/discharge from the licensed facility on or about the, 18th day of January 2019, 29th day of March 2019, 22nd day of May 2019, 19th day of September 2019 and 23rd day of December 2019.


  • Five charges for failure to comply with Condition 5.1 of its Industrial Emissions Licence, in that emissions to air at emission point EP-P1-02 exceeded the Emissions Limit Value (ELV) for Total Organic Carbon (as C) as set out in Schedule B.1 of the said licence on or about the, 5th day of September 2018, 29th day of March 2019, 6th day of November 2019, 13th day of December 2019 and 18th day of March 2020.


Judge Kennedy convicted Takeda Ireland Limited on all the above charges and imposed a fine of €1,000 on each of the charges (€10,000 in total). Agency costs were also awarded.