Apply for authorisation

New applicants

  • Before you acquire radioactive materials or irradiating apparatus, you need an authorisation (registration or licence) from the EPA.
  • If you acquire a source of ionising radiation without an authorisation, you could be prosecuted.
  • You must consult an approved Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) to advise you on the practical implementation of radiation protection.
  • To apply for a radiological licence, first sign up to the EDEN portal.


Obligations for registrants and licensees include

  • Keep records for radioactive materials and X-ray equipment. 
  • Inform the EPA of any change in the inventory of licensed items through your EDEN account. 
  • Keep records of dose monitoring, disposals, incidents, faults, and other relevant information. 
  • Consult with an approved Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) in relation to radiation protection aspects of any proposed changes to licensed facilities (e.g. new X-ray equipment, relocation of materials or equipment). 
  • Develop and maintain a Radiation Safety Manual/Radiation Safety Procedures. The document should be updated regularly, in accordance with the code of practice. For more information on drafting these documents, see Guide for the Compilation of a Radiation Safety Manual
  • Notify the local Fire Officer of the location and nature of all radioactive materials. 
  • Inform the EPA of the loss or theft of any licensed items, or of any incident or accident involving a licensed item. 
  • Display a copy of the authorisation in a public place.
  • Ensure proper labelling of all radioactive materials and X-ray equipment. 
  • Make sure that all authorised items are subject to routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. Appropriate quality assurance testing should also be carried out, as recommended by the RPA. 
  • Display a sign that warns female patients to declare their known or suspected pregnancy (in the case of medical practitioners). 
  • Obtain authorisation from the EPA prior to the disposal of any licensed item. 
  • Ensure that, when equipment or material is sold, the purchaser is aware of their obligation to acquire an authorisation from the EPA. 
  • Ensure that, when X-ray equipment is disposed of, it is rendered incapable of producing ionising radiation. 
  • Have an agreement in place with the supplier of any sealed radioactive sources to take back the source when it is no longer of use. 


Renewing your licence

  • You must apply to renew your licence at least 30 days before its expiry date. 
  • When renewing your licence, you must ensure that all details are correct. 


Licence amendment 


How to amend your licence 


  1. Log into EDEN and click on your name on the top right corner and then choose My Account”. 
  2. Select “Apply” to access your Licence. 
  3. Click on Licence Change/Amendment to view your Radiological Licence details. On the Radiological Protection Licence page, you can make changes to your licence, details, premises, personnel and inventory by selecting the relevant tab.  
  4. When you have made the changes required, you must navigate to the COMPLETE step and select the SUBMIT button. Changes made to any records on your licence will then be forwarded for approval. 


Changes to a licensed practice which require an amendment include: 

  • A change to the licensee’s name or address 
  • The addition or removal of a licensed item 
  • The addition or removal of a licensed practice (e.g. disposal, transportation) 
  • The addition or removal of premises 
  • The addition, removal or change of an appointed Radiation Protection Adviser  
  • The addition, removal or change of an appointed Radiation Protection Officer 
  • A change to the status of a licensed item (e.g. change of a new item from use for commissioning purposes to full use, or the withdrawal of an item from use) 


We have developed an FAQ document to assist you with any updates you will need to make to your authorisation. This document can be found here. If you need any further assistance you can contact us directly.