Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)


The Ionising Radiation Regulations (2019) requires undertakings to seek advice from a radiation protection adviser (RPA) within their areas of competence on certain issues. The issues on which consultation with an RPA is required include:  

  • The examination and testing of protective devices and measuring instruments. 
  • The design and construction of any new buildings or facilities. 
  • Modifications to any existing buildings or facilities. 
  • Changes to the use of any buildings or adjoining buildings where radiation is used. 
  • The acquisition of any new X-ray units or radioactive sources. 
  • Implementation of new procedures involving any licensed item. 
  • The estimation of doses to workers and members of the public. 
  • The regular calibration of measuring instruments. 
  • The commissioning and acceptance into service of new licensed items. 
  • The development of appropriate quality assurance programmes. 


RPA Register 

How to apply to be included on the register