Applying for approval to act as an RPA

*Please note that our next closing date to receive applications is 23rd February 2024*

New Applications

Application for inclusion on the RPA Register, at either Level 1 or Level 2 can be made to the EPA for approval by the RPA Assessment Committee. In order to be approved as an RPA, candidates must demonstrate to the RPA Assessment Committee’s satisfaction that they meet the minimum criteria and competency requirements as set out the Guidance for RPA Applications. Candidates are required to submit the RPA New Application form and either the RPA Level 1 Competency Matrix or the RPA Level 2 Competency Matrix along with their portfolio as set out in the guidance.



Registered RPA’s must apply for re-approval every five years, demonstrating that, over the preceding five-year period, they have been active as an RPA providing radiation protection advice to undertakings and that they have maintained their knowledge of the competencies through continuous professional development (CPD). The requirements for re-approval applications are also set out in the Guidance for RPA Applications. Candidates for re-approval must submit the RPA Re-approval Application Form and the RPA Re-approval CPD Spreadsheet along with their summary document as set out in the guidance.