Applying for approval to act as an RPA 

**We are currently not accepting new applications for RPA's. Our new RPA approval model will be launched in May 2022 and we will publish details when this new system is live.**

Any individuals, corporate or unincorporated body of persons wishing to be approved to act as RPAs must be able to demonstrate to the RPA Assessment Committee’s satisfaction that they have: 

  • The training, knowledge and experience of radiation protection. 
  • A degree or equivalent qualification in a physical science. 
  • The equivalent of seven years full time experience in a post directly concerned with radiation protection practice. 
  • The ability to advise the licensee on the implementation of relevant regulatory requirements and radiation protection practices for work involving potential for significant exposure to radiation. 


Application for inclusion on the RPA Register, for either Category I (medicine, dentistry, chiropractic and veterinary medicine) or Category II (industrial & educational), can be made to the EPA for approval by the RPA Assessment Committee. Guidance notes for applicants seeking approval to the Category I and Category II RPA Registers are also available.