There are a number of registered radon measurement services who can help you protect yourself and your family against the potentially harmful effects of radon gas.

Radon measurement for your home

Radon can be a health hazard in enclosed spaces and it is important that you test your home for radon gas.

The radon level in a house can be measured simply and inexpensively.  Once you apply for a radon test, you will receive two small testing devices, also known as detectors. These are placed in your home for three months before being returned to the service provider for processing.

The detectors need to stay in your home for three months to give an accurate reading of radon levels. This procedure can be carried out entirely by post and there is no need for anyone to visit your house.

We have produced a brochure to give you all the information you need about radon in your home and what can be done to reduce your risk.


Radon measurement in your workplace

The only way to confirm the radon level in your workplace is with a specialised measurement. There are a number of radon measurement services who can provide this service.

Radon has long been recognised as a potential hazard in underground workplaces such as caves and mines.  However, any workplace can have elevated radon levels, and it is the employer’s legal responsibility to protect the workforce against its harmful effects.

The Radon in Workplaces brochure outlines employers’ responsibilities and the steps they can take to protect workers. In addition, our Guidance Notes should be consulted when planning radon surveys in large or complex workplaces.