Understanding Radiation

In this section of our website we provide educational information which may help in understanding some of the principles of radiation protection.

From a national survey carried out in 2010 and again in 2013, information is provided on the public's level of concern in relation to radiation.

A number of fact sheets are provided with summary information on the sources, uses and risks from radiation present in Ireland.

Radiation fact sheets

Here you will find our fact sheets which will help you to understand more about radiation and its role in our lives. We have tried to provide you with the information you might require and to explore some of the issues around ionising radiation.

Radon and your health - Joint EPA and HSE information leaflet on the health effects of radon

Annual radiation dose in Ireland - This fact sheet describes the origins of the radiation dose to which you are exposed to in Ireland.

Risk - This fact sheet explains the risk that radiation can pose to human health.

Sources of ionising radiation - This facts sheet explains where radiation comes from - both artificial and natural sources.

Industrial and medical uses of radiation - This fact sheet describes some of the uses of radioactive sources in industry and medicine.

Public attitudes to radiation

In 2010 and 2013, we commissioned research to quantify the level of concern in the population in relation to radiation and radioactivity. 1,000 interviews were conducted amongst a nationally representative sample of adults over 15 years of age. The results of this research continue to guide our activities in relation to providing information to the public.

Radioactivity & Radiation Quantitative Research, 2010

Radioactivity & Radiation Quantitative Research, 2013