Clean Air projects

There are a number of citizen science projects to tackle radon in the home and air quality.

Clean Air Projects


Borrow a digital radon monitor from your Wexford library

Clean Air Together

GLOBE Programme




Borrow a digital radon monitor from your Wexford library

Digital Monitor


The EPA are working with Wexford Libraries in piloting a loan scheme for digital radon monitors through local libraries.

This scheme is aimed at householders that have previously carried out a three-month radon test and found radon levels above the national reference level (200 Bq/m3).  

If you are living in a Wexford household and are a library member, you can borrow a digital radon monitor from Bunclody or New Ross library, in the same way as you would borrow a book. 

You can use the digital radon monitor to quickly and easily confirm whether the concentrations of radon in your home are still above the reference level.  Contact us for information about how to reduce your radon levels.






Clean Air Together

Clean Air Together is inviting members of the public and the business community to measure Dublin’s air quality. Clean Air Together is a citizen science project where 1,000 participants will record levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) pollution in their local area. It is a joint project between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce.

How does it work:

If you are in Dublin, you can apply for free to be one of 1,000 selected participants by the 22nd of September. If you are selected:

  • We’ll send you out a measurement tube to put outside your chosen location from the 8th of October to the 5th of November.
  • The tube will measure your average NO2 levels over the period.
  • On the completion date, you’ll just need to take down the tube and post it back (in a pre-paid envelope) to the laboratory for analysis.
  • You’ll get your results from us and we’ll create an interactive map on the Clean Air Together website displaying all the results to the public.
  • You will be able to see how your Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels compare to other parts of Dublin.

Find out more about Clean Air Together





The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Programme is an international science and education programme that provides school students with the opportunity to participate in citizen science.  

GLOBE is managed by An Taisce in partnership with the EPA.  Participating schools learn about air quality and the weather by making scientific measurements and using their data to carry out research.  

Further details of GLOBE in Ireland are available from An Taisce and this video summarizes the programme.   

The International GLOBE Learning Expedition was held in Killarney, Co. Kerry in 2018.  Watch this short video to find out more.



The RadoNorm project is an EU funded project focusing on better understanding radon. The EPA's role is to explore the use of citizen science to support homeowners to protect themselves from radon.  You can check here for the latest updates on this project.