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See It, Say It


You can help to keep your local community clean and tidy by using the EPA's "See It Say Itapp to report littering and illegal dumping. 

The information is communicated via the website to the relevant local authority to address the incident reported, and the app works in conjunction with the National Environmental Complaints Line (1800 365 123). 





Coastwatch Europe (CWE) is an international network of environmental groups and universities, who work with local groups and individuals around the coast of Europe. The goal of CWE is to protect and ensure the sustainable use of coastal resources.  CWE primarily protects wetlands by raising public awareness of their value and demonstrating practical ways to save them.   

CWE also encourages informed public participation in environmental planning and management.  

You can now access 30 years of Irish Coastwatch citizen science dataThis work was supported by the EPA. 






Hush City

Noise from transport, industry and construction can dominate the acoustic environment in a city. Research has shown that prolonged excessive exposure to traffic noise can have a significant adverse impact on our health.  

That is why it is important that we have access to quiet and tranquil areas, away from the hustle and bustle of busy life.  The European Union has highlighted the need to preserve the quality of our acoustic environment in cities and the importance of identifying, designating and protecting quiet areas. 

With this in mind, the EPA is supporting the Hush City project in conjunction with Limerick City and County Council.  The aim of this is to invite the public to identify and assess tranquil areas in Limerick City, using a free mobile app. 

To use the Hush City app simply download it for either IOS or Android at: